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Quality and tradition

We are not traders, nor merchants. We are olive oil farmers and producers. Our olive oil comes from our estates in the Salento peninsula (Puglia, Italy).

We look after our trees year round, pick the olives ourselves, we take them to the mill and the day after we collect our olive oil, which we bring to you, bypassing middlemen and intermediaries. We do not refine our olive oil, we do not blend it with lower quality products. We bring you only the best of our harvest.

A good extra virgin olive oil has a shelf life, or best before date, of 18 months from bottling. Many commercially available oils, however, have been stored for longer than that, often years, before being bottled and blended with fresher oils.

We do not store our evoo for years, we only bottle what we sell each year, bringing you our freshest olive oil.

We are so confident of the quality of our olive oil, that we go beyond what the law requires, and print the harvest date on our labels.

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