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My father left his village at a young age to seek a better life away from the countryside, where small farmers where being squeezed by industrial production methods and large distribution, that favoured large profit margins at the expense of quality.

When, many years later, he retired from his job, he took over the family groves, and started planting new trees. He has spent his retirment years in the orchards, often at great financial cost, making the best olive oil for his family, out of passion for the family tradition and with such committment, that today underpins the ethos of Max Olive Oil

Max Olive Oil was born out of the need to keep alive the family tradition, to bypass middlemen and the great distribution. With a PhD in political science, I left academic papers and political research behind, to carry on what my father started twenty years ago, in the hope that the groves, tended by my great granparents, can keep on producing our excellent olive oil for my children

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